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About Appointed Oils


Beard care is not as simple as people might think. If you have a long beard, like me, you may understand how complicated it can be. Conditioning, moisturizing, ​and healthy beard hair is not always easy to get or maintain. If you have trouble with stubby, patchy beards, I understand your pain as well. I have quite a few friends that go through the same stress. They are always looking for products that can help them get results.

As brothers of the bearded kind, we have spent so much energy, money, and time searching for products that either don't work the way we want or that work for a while and then leave our beard hair feeling dry and brittle. It is extremely frustrating. Having had enough, I decided that my money, time, and energy would better be spent researching and investing into organic and more natural ingredients.

This turned out to be the best route for my beard. I've combined some pretty awesome mixtures that work well together to get me the results I want. Daily use has helped my beard grow and become more healthy and easier to manage. That's what I want to bring to men from all walks of life. Awesome, healthy, and robust beards! 

I am not pushing miracle products here. They are natural and organic ingredients that work together to provide your beard hair with the nutrients they not only need but deserve. Invest in your beard today. 

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